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Miami Fort Lauderdale Water Filtration and Purification
Miami Fort Lauderdale Water Filtration and Purification
Miami Fort Lauderdale Water Filtration and Purification

Commercial Water Treatment by Maximum Water Systems

Maximum Water Systems offers a complete line of water treatment system solutions for Restaurants and the Food and Beverage industry. From small water filters to large commercial water softeners and reverse osmosis systems, Maximum Water Systems can build any water system based upon your requirements.


Our unique applications are provided to restaurants that want to add to their bottom line by offering in house filtered or purified water. Maximum Water Systems can custom design and build any size system you need based on your projections of usage and water chemistry. They can be designed to produce purified water through reverse osmosis or nano filtration.


Our systems can be built based on your space requirements as wall mount systems or free standing rack systems.
Commercial restaurant icemakers are designed to provide the customer with crystal clear ice cubes. Maximum Water Systems has the solution to keeping the tray area free of mineral build-up and scaling which often times cause the ice cubes to become smaller and pitted.

Complete Premise Water Refinement Systems are custom built based on the size of your restaurant and what you want to accomplish in water treatment.

Complete Premise Water Refinement Systems are designed to:


      Protect your restaurants plumbing and fixtures

      Protect icemakers and other water appliances

      Provide the finest quality grade of drinking water

      Enhance the flavor of coffee and teas

      Improve the cooking and baking process where water is  used.

Water spots on silverware, glassware and dishes can be a nightmare to remove. Even though the glassware has passed through the dishwashing process, it can look dirty resulting in customer complaints. Due to the high temperature requirements for dishwashing, water softeners are needed to remove the calcium and magnesium that are responsible for these unsightly problems.


Maximum Water Systems offers free consultation regarding sizing and pricing for water softeners.


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Our expert consultants are ready to help you with any of your water treatment needs.


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