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Miami Fort Lauderdale Water Filtration and Purification

Drinking Water Purification and Whole House Water Conditioning Systems by Maximum Water Systems for your home

With a Maximum Water Systems Drinking Water Purification System, you can enjoy an unlimited supply of great tasting water right at your kitchen sink – in many cases we can connect your Drinking Water System to your refrigerator for ice cold drinking water and clear pure ice cubes. Our Drinking Water Systems are ideal for coffee/tea, juicing, cooking and even washing your fruits and vegetables. You’ll never have to lift or buy expensive bottled water again, or toss that plastic bottle into a landfill.

Maximum Water Systems offers several types of water filtration and water purification systems to meet your needs and budget. Our systems include:


      Carbon Filtration

      Ultra Filtration

      Reverse Osmosis Purifictation


Maximum Water Systems offers many options to compliment your Water Drinking Systems such as: variety of faucets to match your décor, instant hot tanks and water chillers.

With a Maximum Water System Whole house conditioning and softening system you can enjoy peace of mind that the water supply thru-out your home is free from harmful chlorine and chloramines. Our resins ensure that your water is clean, clear and bacteria free for many years. If you have ever noticed a tint of brown or green when you fill your tub you will notice how clear your water will be with a softening system. Benefits of a whole house system includes:


      Chlorine and Chloramine Removal

      Taste and Odor Removal

      Soft Spot Free Water

Maxiumum Water Systems is committed not only to leading edge water treatment technology, but also the customized application, installation and professional care and maintenance of your drinking water purification and water conditioning systems for years to come.


Our engineering talent, holistic health awareness, green conciousness and concern for quality service is the hallmark of who we are and what we do.


So give us a call and let us show you how we can provide you with all your water drinking and conditioning solutions.



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