The Edge

Quality and Service you can depend on:

At Maximum Water Systems we recognize that you have a choice of who you choose for water treatment. With over 20 successful years of experience in the service industry we strive to ensure that our customers receive the best quality service and the best quality water systems available.


Water treatment is all we do. Whether you are interested in a commercial water refinement system or filtered water drinking system for your business or home we have what you need. Our dedicated experience in water treatment gives us the ability to address any concern you may have regarding water. We constantly keep up with advancements in technology to make sure you always have access to the best quality water available.

Most water systems today are manufactured in China with very poor quality control using inferior media. Our systems are designed and custom built in the USA. We source only the finest media's, resins, and use only top grade quality components.

Wide range of water treatment products:

We always carry and stock a water treatment product to meet your needs. Our list of systems include:


  • Reverse Osmosis Systems

  • Activated Carbon Systems

  • Water Softening Systems

  • Bottleless Water Systems

  • Chillers and Instant Hot Tanks

  • Replacement Water Filters for most major brands and refridgerators.  


Maximum Water Systems water filtration and purification products are designed to provide you with many conveniences which include:

• No Storage of Bottles 
• No 5 gallon Bottles to change 
• No Self Maintenance - With our rental program we come to you every six months to replace all filters and to provide preventative maintenance.
• Reduced Cost - With our systems your costs are fixed. No matter whether you consume 5 gallons or 500 gallons per month you will not experience an increase in your monthly service.
• Green Friendly - Our systems help in reducing fuel consumption, vehicle emissions, and highway congestion. There is no plastic production required, no BPA and no plastic waste to be hauled for recycling or buried in our landfills.
• Personalized Service - As much as we strive to provide our customer with the finest quality in water drinking we are focused on providing prompt and exceptional service. At Maximum Water Systems we value every customer we have and look forward to providing continued personalized service for years to come.